My Lovely Homemaker Collection

I have been collecting Ridway Homemaker crockery for about two years now and my collection is almost complete, so I thought it was high time I took a few photos of it.

You can find more about the history of Homemaker here. But for my part I just love the black and white vintage furniture icons, the simple rounded shape of the items and their overall durability. I have dropped a cup and it didn’t break! I kid you not.

I don’t have every single Homemaker item and probably never will. Some of the rarer items swap hands for 1000s of pounds. The most I have paid for an item was £215 (teapot above) but some items were as litte as £7.

But I also don’t have every single item because I just don’t need it. There are three different sizes of coffee cup available, but I only need one size (big!).

Above are two recent additions, the coffee pot (Metro) and the Scottish sandwich plate. The coffee pot is fast becoming one of my favourite items as it’s perfect for making large batches of tea!

Confusingly there are two Homemaker designs Metro and Cadenza. Most of my collection is Metro except this little milk jug that was just too stylish to pass up.

I currently have only four soup bowls so I’m on the lookout for two more to complete the set. They are quite rare and only pop up maybe once every six months.

I have two vegetable tureens, great for those family Sunday dinners.

And not forgetting the gravy boat, essential kit for a Northerner like me.

These are my dinky fruit bowls complete with rims for the stones.

And lastly here you can see my 10 inch plate, with 7 inch side plate and bowl. And that completes my little trip down vintage crockery lane. The big question is, when the collection is finally complete what shall I collect next?

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  1. Heh. When I were a lad my parents used to have a number of pieces of crockery in that design, stashed in the back of their emergency random crockery cupboard. My Dad even kept one of the bowls in your last photo in his garage for mixing paint/cleaning brushes in….

    Imagine their horror when some Homemaker crockery pieces cropped up on Antiques Roadshow once, some time after their last piece was broken…

  2. A friend of mine has one of the Homeware sideplates, picked up a car boot sale for pennies just because she loved the design. Her real passion though is for Carltonware Lobster ceramics, even getting it sent from Australia!

  3. You spent £215 on a teapot? Wow. Might I suggest that you collect some charities to donate money to next?

  4. Have a look on ebay! there is a very cute cake stand on there at the moment :)

  5. I love it too and have a few pieces, very envious of such a large collection. I also love the coffee pot. Have you ever been to the Antique Collector’s Fairs at Shepton Mallet (Bath & West Showground) and the Antiques Centre at Gloucester Docks? Homemaker and other 20th century china like Midwinter regularly available. I think there’s a fair due in November at Shepton.

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  8. I am gobsmacked – this is the crockery we used every day at home when I was young; it was so common practically everyone had it in those days. I must see if my mum still has any as it is clearly valuable now!

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  10. I’m sure we had curtains with that print on it. as valuable as the collectabils are it would be nice to have them in use.

  11. Lovely blog. I’m an ex Midlands lass living in Christchurch, New Zealand. I collect Crown Lynn which is a good old Kiwi brand. You guys may have read about our earthquakes, collecting breakable stuff is a risky hobby round here :D