The Mangetout that we planted a few weeks ago in Jackson’s garden is growing well. He was amazed that it came up so fast and we put some sticks in for them to grow up. He wants to know if we can eat them yet? And even though I said that they won’t be ready […]

Hand-Pollinating Peaches

It’s that time of year again, when my Peach tree is in full flower with not a flying insect in sight. I’m not sure why nature does this. It’s clearly not optimal to base the whole of your future existence on one short week in the Spring when the ‘one vital tool you need to […]

Forcing Chicory – Success!

It’s been a long process but I finally have some blanched Chicory to show you. My, somewhat Herculean effort, started back in November when I lifted the Chicory plants I had been growing during last summer. Then I stored them in damp sand (sometimes a little too damp) over the worst of the winter weather. […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all. These are the sweet gifts that I recieved from my boys and my husband. I feel special today and I hope the mothers amongst you feel special too.

Hedgerow & River

I bought a copy of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady, a while ago for £1 from a charity book shop. It’s one of those titles that I’ve always meant to own and read but I never got around to it. In truth, I bought the book a few months ago but events conspired […]

Sowing Beetroot, Borage & Rocket

Got some time in the potting shed today. Took the time to sort out which seeds will be in the next batch to be sown. I’ll probably sow some Beetroot, Radish, Rocket and Spinach in the open ground – ready with the fleece should we get some late frosts. I’m going to sow more Borage […]

Spare Onion Sets?

A quick tip. If you have spare Onion sets left over from planting in the garden (I always do!) then plant some close together in a pot and use them like Spring Onions later in the season.

What I ‘Actually’ Do

I just had these lovely cards done with my blog and email details on them from Moo. They come in this handy little box that I can carry in my handbag and whip out when needed. There are three flavours, Spinach green, Pea green and Lettuce green. I like green. And well…it says fresh doesn’t […]

Lone Ranger

After a quick spin around the garden this morning I spotted this little guy sunning himself on a newly opened Blackcurrant leaf. I find the leaves on fruit bushes fascinating. They are always an interesting shape and usually a glorious colour too. If there was a design – it’s a pretty good one.

Ahem… Seed Potato Protection

I wasn’t going to show you my failed attempts at protecting my seed potatoes from the mice that live in my potting shed. But I’ve decided they’re too comical to waste. Last year, I fed all my seed potatoes to the shed mice, not on purpose you understand, but they did eat them all. This […]