What I ‘Actually’ Do

I just had these lovely cards done with my blog and email details on them from Moo. They come in this handy little box that I can carry in my handbag and whip out when needed.

There are three flavours, Spinach green, Pea green and Lettuce green. I like green. And well…it says fresh doesn’t it.

My new cards will come in very useful when, occasionally, people ask me what I do. It’s a big question for me because what I actually do is sweep up bits of food, tidy toys, wipe noses and drive my car for what seems like 80 per cent of the day.

But that’s not very exciting so what I actually say is, “well erm… I’m a full time mum.” And then very quickly, like that’s not enough! I throw in, “but I’ve got a blog!” Ah, now you’re interested. “Yes, I’ve got a blog and it’s about gardening and growing vegetables and fruit and sometimes cutting flowers.” That normally does the trick because everyone, no matter who they are, is interested in at least one of those topics. Guaranteed.

The next thing they say is, “oh I’ll check it out, what’s the web address.” And I tell them and I see them forget what I just said. But not anymore! No, now I will say, “Here, take my card.” Like the professional, blogging mother-of-two that I am.

They should also come in handy at Chelsea Flower Show when I have the same conversation with about fifty different people in one day. Phew!

12 Comments on “What I ‘Actually’ Do

  1. I love Moo cards. I’m on my second set of mini cards and I’ve gone down the 100 images in 1 set route. I have so much fun selecting the photos and seeing which ones translate well into the ‘half picture’ format.

    I always order a second set for myself!

    They’re always a good talking point whenever I whip them out for inspection :)

  2. you’re going to the Chelsea flower show, or you’re exhibiting at the Chelsea flower show? exciting either way!

  3. What lovely cards – so desirable. I wouldn’t throw one like that aaway if it was given to me. Great idea.

  4. I want to change careers so I can have great cards with spinach and peas on them. They’re lovely!

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the flower show. I know that you will make whoever receives your cards happy.

  5. I totally understand the challenge in explaining who you are. I think this is a wonderful way around it and really inspiring. Your blog is such a wonderful place. It is great that many others will have the chance to see it.

  6. Great idea! I should get some as i always end up writing our blog down on bits of paper!

  7. Sorry Frances – I disagree having tried both. Moo are much more environmentally friendly too.

  8. Great looking cards. I had mine done before I started my blog ~ maybe it’s time to update.

  9. Thank you for reminding me about Moo cards! I’ve been meaning to have some done since I first read about them on Flickr. And thanks too for the ‘how to set up your own blog’ seeing your blog and some of those you follow inspired me and I’m now the proud owner of inandoutofmygarden.co.uk – if you ever get the chance, do stop by (it’s still early days in terms of posts, but then gardens grow slowly don’t they?)