Spare Onion Sets?

A quick tip. If you have spare Onion sets left over from planting in the garden (I always do!) then plant some close together in a pot and use them like Spring Onions later in the season.

5 Comments on “Spare Onion Sets?

  1. What a great idea! It’s so obvious now you’ve pointed it out! But I’ve always wondered what to do with the leftovers – the dog usually ends up eating them all up :)

  2. Great idea – I always have too many – they are on my shopping list this week – do you grow red as well as white? With the spring weather I am just itching to get growing but we are still getting frosts so I have to wait. The French say me must not plant anything before the 15th May (yes I did say May) due to fear of the last frost – but then they are a nation of worriers so I will just throw caution to the wind and ignore them!

  3. Hi Rae – you’re fine to sow Peas, Broadbeans, Onions and Garlic. They are all frost hardy.