Making Compost Tea

I’ve never made compost tea but I saw a demo recently of how simple it is to make. So I thought I’d share it here and have a go myself (if it ever stops raining that is). All you need is a bucket, some rain water, some honey and an old pond pump (try eBay). […]

The Organic Garden at Holt Farm

Yesterday I was invited over to see Holt Farm, the organic garden that was created by Sarah Mead near the idyllic Chew Valley lake. It was a perfect day. Rain then bright sunshine which made the colours and the view just come alive. The garden may be in an idyllic setting but the family business […]

How to Make Your Own Seed Compost

I spent the day at Yeo Valley farm organic garden today (more on that later). This afternoon the head gardener, James, showed us how he makes his own seed sowing mix, which let’s face it, could save us all a penny or two. He roughly sieves his homemade leaf mould mix to get the lumps […]

Spanish Vegetable Plot

I’m always intrigued by how other people grow vegetables. Especially when they live in a different country to me and have different issues to deal with. On my recent trip to Spain I explored this vegetable patch tended by the owners of the hotel we were staying in. They had planted everything in nice long, […]

Lemons the Size of Your Head

We spent the Easter holidays at a lovely little rural hotel in Mallorca, Spain. It was idyllic. Not least because there were Lemons the size of your head (if you’re only four years old that is) and you could spend a happy afternoon picking them… …counting them, moving them around and counting them again. I […]

Potatoes in at Last

I planted my Potatoes. Finally!. After the mice ate my seed Potatoes I bought some more and hung them in their netting in the potting shed. They sprouted nicely and I managed to get them in the ground just before Easter. I had a few left and so I left them on the potting bench […]

10 Tips for Small Kitchen Gardens

While going through the notes I made for my garden workshop last year I found this list of tips for making the most of small gardens. I’ve limited it to ten because that fit with the format but I’m sure you could add some of your own tips in the comments. Small Garden Tips: Grow […]