Potatoes in at Last

I planted my Potatoes. Finally!. After the mice ate my seed Potatoes I bought some more and hung them in their netting in the potting shed. They sprouted nicely and I managed to get them in the ground just before Easter. I had a few left and so I left them on the potting bench overnight. Sure enough, the next morning they were gone. Not so much as a crumb left. Fat, happy mice!

I didn’t grow any Potatoes last year. I decided that they took up too much room and weren’t worth the effort. But I missed them. There is something so satisfying about digging up those cold, hard pebbles. And something so earthy about the way they taste. Yes, I missed them. This time I’m going for an unusual variety – Highland Burgundy Red, which I’ve heard doesn’t taste as amazing as others but will keep the kids happy with its colour!

4 Comments on “Potatoes in at Last

  1. Potatoes are a great crop and are a bit labour intensive with all the earthing up but who doesn’t love chips, baked potatoes or mash ?

  2. We have planted a few first earlies and a couple of rows of pink fir. I love the taste and they are far better than any you could buy. I also don’t like giving them yoo much space but think a few for the taste is worth it!

  3. Enjoy reading your blog -Wasnt planning to grow potatoes this year but your enthusiasm is catching !!