Lemons the Size of Your Head

We spent the Easter holidays at a lovely little rural hotel in Mallorca, Spain. It was idyllic. Not least because there were Lemons the size of your head (if you’re only four years old that is) and you could spend a happy afternoon picking them…

…counting them, moving them around and counting them again. I stand amazed at the things that will amuse children.

12 Comments on “Lemons the Size of Your Head

  1. Oh I love Mallorca :)

    I used to have a research project on the north eastern part of the island. Happy times.

  2. I absolutely love the smell of fresh lemons and those look amazing – no wonder they provided such entertainment! I bet they make fabulous lemon curd!!!!

    B x

  3. These look amazing! It also reminds me of a photo my mum took of me a couple of years ago, holding up my first ever cabage, making it appear as though the vegetable was the same size as my head. So NOT funny :)

  4. One thing is for sure you will not see lemons like that in the supermarkets. I used to plant the seeds with my mum and get lemon trees obviously we never got lemons but the leaves when crushed smelt amazing.

  5. Cedro Lemons (Il Cedro I think in Italian). We saw them everywhere in Italy last year. Especially in the south of the country. Fab aren’t they.

  6. I was interested to see them fruiting at this time of year. I have no experience of growing Lemons so didn’t know that this is normal.

  7. Mmm, smell those lemons! The picture reminds me of one of my favourite books “Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Andalucia” by Chris Stewart. It’s about living my dream of following the wonderful Spanish agricultural lifestyle. Dream on…x

  8. Ooooh to taste some lemonaide from those babies!! ;) I’m so glad to hear you guys had such a great holiday. xoxo

  9. Lovely lemons!
    It is a shame that we lose that childhood sense of wonder at new discoveries. Every now and then, though, we can catch a glimpse of it again.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie