Bountiful, Fresh, Green, Broadbeans

I brought in a lovely crop of Broadbeans today. The pods were just starting to get knobbly and the plants were getting heavy enough to start falling over. There was a touch of brown spot on them too but not too much black fly. Broadbeans aren’t a very economical crop, space wise. The plants get […]

Clearing Out the Strawberries

It’s time to say goodbye to the Strawberries. The rain killed the harvest and all I could do was watch as they rotted or were eaten away by slugs. The sunny weather has meant that the last few ripened well but you can’t fix what is already broken and I spent some time clearing out […]

Beetroot – Bolivar

I harvested my Beetroot today. They were about the size of tennis balls and the top of the Beetroots were starting to show above the soil so I thought that would be an ideal time to bring them in. I don’t want them getting woody. I don’t grow Beetroot very often. I guess I just […]

Borage Flowers

My Borage has been flowering now for about a week. It took a while to open because of all the rain. It’s still raining but the flowers are open. And when there’s a break in the weather the hover-flies and bees are all over it. The flowers are such an amazing purple/blue and they droop […]

Soft Fruit, A Gift that Keeps Giving

My Tayberries are fruiting and they are literally covered in fruit that is plump, juicy and tastes amazing. I’d like to say that they are really difficult to grow and ‘it’s been a struggle but worth it in the end.’ But really, I haven’t lifted a finger. I haven’t fed them, or watered them at […]

Harvesting Highland Burgundy Red

I planted my Highland Burgundy Red Potatoes back in April. Today, I harvested the first ones. The plants had flowered and they were getting big enough to start flopping over onto my Lettuce so I thought it would be a good time to start the harvest. I recently bought a vintage Potato fork (with flat […]

Simple Red Currant Jam

This year I harvested over 1.2kg of fruit from one Red Currant bush! That’s the most I’ve ever had I think. I’ve made Red Currant Jelly before but I wanted a simpler recipe because I knew that I wouldn’t be keeping the jam for very long as it would probably get eaten in a matter […]