Harvesting Highland Burgundy Red

I planted my Highland Burgundy Red Potatoes back in April. Today, I harvested the first ones. The plants had flowered and they were getting big enough to start flopping over onto my Lettuce so I thought it would be a good time to start the harvest.

I recently bought a vintage Potato fork (with flat tines) for this very purpose and couldn’t wait to give it a spin. It seemed to work – I didn’t spear any, in any case. The first glint of purple was quite exciting too!

Once I brought them in (and they caused quite a stir in the kitchen too) I washed them and scraped the skin off. Or should I say pushed the skin off because it came off very, very easily. Then I boiled them with a sprig of mint. Served them with salt and butter and watched them disappear.

I had heard that this particular variety wasn’t that tasty but they tasted great. I’m of the opinion that anything that comes directly out of the ground and into the kitchen is going to taste good. At least better than they would if you bought them, right? And I just love the fact that you can’t buy these in the shops but you can eat them at chez Plot. Love that.

8 Comments on “Harvesting Highland Burgundy Red

  1. Wow! They look spectacular! I have never seen them before; Love the colour, don’t think one can get them here. I really enjoy your blog, thank you.

  2. Czytam twój blog od dawna.Jest super. Korzystam z Twoich rad.Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do Domu Rozalii

  3. They look stunning on the plate! Will make a note to look out for them next year. First earlies?

  4. After a tough request for ‘pink chips’ the 5 yr old was extremely pleased with these last year. Trying salad blue this year, but pleasantly surprised to find 2 volunteer highland red coming up strong…doing research for new blog bout my obsession unusual edibles, ur website is fab inspiration! Am too chicken to write first entry hee

  5. Loved those beautiful potatoes. I agree wholeheartedly that fresh dug potatoes taste so much better. Love to read your blog and share a little of your passion for the Tiny Plot.