Our Epic Lawn

Some people are content with a small patch of lawn. Just enough for a deckchair or two under a shady tree – somewhere to settle in with a good book. Others (like my husband) want something bigger. “I want to throw a football on it,” he said. What he actual meant was he wanted a […]

Old, Old Tulips

One of my neighbours is the photographer behind the Tulip Anthology book which celebrates the wonderful image of the tulip. The book is lovely and showcases Ron’s amazing photography beautifully. As part of the preparation for the book he sourced and grew some rare tulip varieties. Some of them dating back to 1780. Since he […]

Garden Progress

Here are some shots of the garden taken from roughly the same spot over the last few months. Halfway through the clear out. The re-build has begun. The round paved area is a seating area. Behind that will be the greenhouse.

Garden Shots

There aren’t many vegetables in my garden right now but there are some beautiful things to see, even at this time of year. Camellias about to open. Secret pathways that lead to, who knows where? Shade loving plants. Lichen-covered Crab Apple branches. It’s all lovely and changing every day.

Evergreen Blueberries

I’ve actually planted something. I dare not plant anything in the main garden yet as there are too many hob-nailed boots around. But there is a small patch of earth just outside the gate that seemed like a safe place to put some lovely, evergreen Blueberries. Every single Blueberry I’ve grown in the past has […]

Lumber or Wood to You and I

The wood has arrived for the fence that will go around the garden. At the moment the garden is just a patch of bare earth with no boundaries. It just seeps into the pavement and stops. There are no plants or roots to keep the soil in. People can just wander in off the streets […]