Our Epic Lawn

Some people are content with a small patch of lawn. Just enough for a deckchair or two under a shady tree – somewhere to settle in with a good book. Others (like my husband) want something bigger. “I want to throw a football on it,” he said. What he actual meant was he wanted a football field.

Here is the same patch from the same view before the grass went down.

Definitely an improvement. Although, I’m relieved that my kitchen garden is tucked around the corner away from footballs and people throwing them!

Available for music festivals, country fairs and polo matches.

6 Comments on “Our Epic Lawn

  1. Impressed with how quickly you are working on “yard” jobs since moving. I use yard, as the n. Americans do. Looking forward to seeing how your gardens take shape. Do you miss England yet? We are contemplating a move from North America to England next year!

  2. You might consider renaming the blog now. :) Mylovelyplot?

  3. It has been so long since I read your blog so I was a bit surprised to see that you had relocated over the pond to the US. What a project your new garden is, I bet you are so excited.

    Your blog was the first I read when I started to think about blogging a few years ago. Since then I have been blogging about food and the great outdoors. I just started to a new blog called Girl Gardening to chronicle my life as a student garden designer and first time allotment owner.

    Good luck in the US, I will keep watching out for new posts.