My Lovely Patch of England

This is what my greenhouse looks like now. It’s finally finished and I can get in there and start to sow some seeds. Yey! I have some heated growing mats, seed trays and a box full of seeds all ready to go. My union jack bunting looks right at home as does my Borough Market […]

First Seeds of the Year

The very first seeds to be sowed in my brand, new garden are these little Radish seeds. I even broke out my new set of white, wooden row tags and carefully wrote the word ‘Radish’ on there. I resisted putting the variety on there since I’ll be reusing the tags but the variety is Cherry […]

Sweet Potato Project

I’ve bought a book called Garden Wizardry for Kids. This is the first project we have done from the book. It’s a ‘Grow Sweet Potatoes’ project that is pretty simple and the kids love it. All you need are two glass jars, some toothpicks and warm water. Push the toothpicks into the Potatoes and suspend […]

Spring Crocus

Because, I have inherited my garden I have little idea what’s planted in it – the ornamental part of it anyway. At the moment I am being constantly surprised by what’s popping up in both the front and the side garden. The side of the house is a bit unruly and so lots of the […]

Slugs – Ammunition to Beat Them

There’s not much going on in my garden right now so I’ll carry on with my ‘Master Gardener‘ series. This week on the course we had a lunchtime speaker come in to talk about slugs and snails. Part of the talk was about how to reduce their numbers in the garden but mostly it was […]