Today I …

Helped assemble orders for the Incredible Edibles vegetable plant sale tomorrow here in Portland. I also got to do a little ‘early’ shopping and bought some Leeks, Chives, Parsley, Rouge d’Hiver Lettuce and Kale. Very lovely to see all these nice leafy green vegetables at this time of year.

Planting Elephant Garlic

I’m busy in the garden this week. I just planted my Elephant Garlic. I decided to grow this type as I already have some ‘normal’ Garlic growing in the front garden that I planted back in November. The kitchen garden wasn’t ready back then and so I put it in in the only space I […]

Planting Out Broadbeans

I planted out my Broadbeans (Fava Beans) this week. I had started them off from seed about three or four weeks ago in these biodegradable pots. I just popped the whole thing in the ground and tucked them in. Nice and easy. The roots were just about popping out from the bottom of the pots […]

Black Krim Tomato Seedlings

I just love the way that these seedlings have burgundy coloured undersides to their leaves. It gives them a very dramatic look even at this early stage. You can’t really see here but they are just starting to produce their true leaves which are very dark green. Behind them I have some Borage seedlings. The […]

Not Onion Sets but Starts

I ordered some red onion (variety Red Zeppelin) from Johnny’s seeds and expected to receive some onion sets (the miniature onion type) but these came instead. They are dormant starts. As I understand it they are plants started from seed, grown during the winter then uprooted when the weather gets cold. The soil is knocked […]

Friends of Trees

Here in Portland there is a group called Friends of Trees. If you want to plant some trees in your garden or on the parking strip outside your garden they will help you choose the right tree, help you get a great deal and send a crew of lovely people to help you plant the […]

Successional Peas

It’s time to start my Peas. I sowed these a few weeks ago in the greenhouse and they’ve grown beautifully. They are Green Arrow and should grow into sturdy bushes about 60cm (23 inches) high. I cut some pea sticks from a tree in the front garden for them to grow up. I used to […]