How Not to Sow Spring Onions (Scallions)

I started harvesting my Spring Onions today. And it’s not a minute too soon for me. I foolishly decided to broadcast sow them in a little patch between the stone path and the greenhouse door. This seemed like a good idea because you can get more into a smaller space. The problem is, as they […]

Family Raspberry Picking

We went on our first Raspberry picking trip this weekend. We drove to a farm on Sauvie Island and found a sweet little place with Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries and cutting flowers available. It was family-run with mum and grandma weighing out the fruit under make-shift tents and people tripping off into the distance with cardboard […]

Celebrating the Broad Bean Harvest

It’s time to bring in the Broadbeans. I have around six plants producing a ton of beans. Harvesting the biggest ones from the bottom I managed to collect this little lot and some podded Peas too. When it comes to preparing Broadbeans and Peas it’s always a time issue. Do you have time to do […]

The Sweetness of Cabbages and Carrots

The Cabbages have really crept up on me this year. It seems like yesterday that I was wondering if they would heart up or not and then today I realised that at least one of them was ready to harvest. The others are not far behind. So I cut one Cabbage and pulled a few […]

Roses for a Friend

I picked some Roses today for a friend and neighbour who was celebrating her birthday. I love that I can go out into my garden and pick lovely flowers. I feel like some kind of Victorian lady with my secateurs and basket gathering whatever is flowering right now. Flowers picked from the garden are never […]

Garden Shot in Time

This is one part of my kitchen garden that I’m really happy with. Every inch of it is full. No dirt showing! It looks like a photo from Joy Larkcom’s book. But we all know this won’t last long so I’m savouring it while it’s here. The three types of Lettuces you can see will […]

Attracting Beneficial Insects

My Mesclun Lettuce mix (which includes Pak Choi, Mizuna, Mibuna and Mustard) went to seed pretty quick in the hot weather but instead of pulling it I let it flower. These bright yellow flowers are from the Mizuna in the mix. The flower stalks are amazingly tall and stay upright. And they attract a wonderful […]

Hood Strawberries

My first Strawberry harvest of the season! They are a variety called Hood, local here in Oregon. Some people refuse to eat Strawberries until the first Hoods come into season and now I understand why. Wow! they taste amazing. It’s nothing to do with my growing technique just a good variety at home in the […]