Greenhouse Greens

There’s meagre pickings outside in the garden here. We’re working on the last of the Leeks and Beets but once they’re gone it will be a blank canvas. Not so in the greenhouse. We’re thankful for the greens that are happily growing in the greenhouse. Above is some Bok Choi that is not yet fully […]

Desktop Heather

It’s time to trim my Heather plants back so that they don’t make leggy plants next year but some of them still have some flowers on them. So I collected what was left and put it in a tealight holder on my desk. I just love the colours.

Why Are My Brussels Sprouts Blowing Out?

I don’t normally grow Brussels Sprouts. Why? Because the majority of people in my family profess to not liking them. But this year I had the room, and the seeds and well… one thing led to another. The upshot was that I ended up with a row of Brussels Sprouts in my Winter garden. They […]

Bleak & Blank Here

In the bleak mid winter. It’s certainly bleak in my garden. I’m still clearing and I’m still cleaning. I read a good tip the other day for gardening in general. Take a picture of your garden in winter so you can see where you need to put some ‘winter interest’ plants. That’s something I need […]

New Way to Revamp My Plant Tags

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to think about preparing for seed planting, in my greenhouse at least. Honestly, I can’t wait to get started but it’s a little early yet so all I can do is clean stuff. I’ve been sweeping out the dust, bushing pots, cleaning seed trays and, after seeing […]