Bleak & Blank Here


In the bleak mid winter. It’s certainly bleak in my garden. I’m still clearing and I’m still cleaning. I read a good tip the other day for gardening in general. Take a picture of your garden in winter so you can see where you need to put some ‘winter interest’ plants. That’s something I need to do. I’d like something pretty with berries just underneath my window so I can watch the birds. Stay warm!

7 Comments on “Bleak & Blank Here

  1. It’s all rather bleak and messy here. My garden will never be pretty, but at the moment it’s not even neat. I’m waiting for a dry spell to try and tackle it.

  2. I wish I had a picture of my garden before the wind came then I might be able to put it back together!

    What with the wind and constant rain it is just unrecognisable, so much work to do.

  3. “Stay warm”! It’s about 42c in most of Australia. Your garden looks like it’s resting peacefully, rather than burnt to a dead, brown crisp.

    We’re standing out there with the hose for hours thinking of what we’ll plant for a nice winter show.

  4. I’ve taken several pictures of my Winter garden over the years, not only because of your suggestion, but because it looks truly stunning. Gardens aren’t barren for many months of the year, and there is really something quite beautiful about gardens in Winter!

  5. I’m at this stage now where the clearing is just about done and I’m looking for potential areas for future plants.
    As much as i enjoy the anticipation roll on the spring!