Christmassy House Things (II)

It’s Christmas Eve! Yey, my favourite day of the year is here. So here are a few more of my tiny Christmasy house things. Why not? The wispy-haired kid with a stack of presents from my inherited Simpich Doll collection. My snow globe with batteries that actually keep the snow flurrying. No really, you don’t […]

Box of Apples for Christmas

Our lovely neighbours, every year, give us a box of fruit for Christmas. It’s such a simple, but lovely, gesture. And it’s personally one of my favourite Christmas gifts. Last year they gave us a box of Pears. This year it’s Apples, but with their green and red colours they are just as Christmassy. Someone, […]

Christmassy House Things (I)

Since there is not much gardening going on at My Tiny Plot at the moment I thought I would share some of my favourite things from around our Christmassy house. I LOVE Christmas and have made it my duty over the past 10 years to be the person ‘in charge’ of Christmas in our house. […]

Gosh! What a Difference a Power-wash Makes.

So this is my kitchen garden ‘after’ we power-washed the brick pathways. And this was my kitchen garden ‘before’ we power-washed the pathways. To be honest, I was completely happy with the way it looked before. I thought the brick was quite bright, and gave the garden an almost cheery look. But, gosh I didn’t […]