The Mystery of the School Garden

Our local school, like many, has a school garden. There are around 25 raised beds in it with a fetching chainlink fence surrounding it. There is a cute wooden gateway that was made by one of the parents a few years ago. There is a small, but well-stocked shed with a door that looks like […]

Practicing Patience with Persimmons

Two years ago I planted two Persimmon trees. One is called Nikita’s Gift and it’s a Fuyu type of Persimmon. They are the ones that have fruit that is light orange in colour and their shape is squat like a Tomato. You tend to eat them when they are hard, sliced in salads etc. The […]

My Star Wars Ewok Garden

I’ve been obsessing recently about miniature gardens. And when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to steal it. A Star Wars ewok forestĀ in terrarium form? Now who would like that for a present? Probably every man between the ages of 25-40, no? Luckily my husband fit the bill and so I […]