My Star Wars Ewok Garden

I’ve been obsessing recently about miniature gardens. And when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to steal it. A Star Wars ewok forest in terrarium form? Now who would like that for a present? Probably every man between the ages of 25-40, no? Luckily my husband fit the bill and so I made it for him, for his birthday.

The glass jar I found at a local vintage shop. The ewoks came from eBay (there are no shortage of ewoks on eBay, incidentally) and the plants are just your common-or-garden terrarium style plants from my local nursery. Stones, courtesy of my neighbour’s sidewalk, logs courtesy of my big old Elm tree. Put the whole thing together and voilà.

I’m sure there are countless variations on this theme that you could try. How about a dinosaur garden? Lego figure garden? or a How to Train Your Dragon garden?

There’s no drainage in a glass jar (obviously) so I told my husband to just mist the leaves when they need it and keep the lid on for humidity. He has taken it to work to put on his desk. That means he likes it.


3 Comments on “My Star Wars Ewok Garden

  1. I love it!! what an awesome idea. I might have to make this for my son. (and maybe my desk at work too :) )