My Six Favourite Lettuce


Every year I like to try at least one new Lettuce variety (sometimes two, or three). This year I’ll be trying this one, it’s a romaine crispy type called Garnet Rose. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a romaine this red before so I’m quite excited about it.


For me, trying new stuff is what gardening is all about. There is little point in me growing the same thing year after year – I think I would die of boredom. That said, I do have a little tribe of Lettuces that I trust and love. And these I do grow every year, albeit in different formations and numbers.

They are pictured above. Left to right (early to late):

1. Lettuce Leaf – Red Sails (great for hearting or picking one leaf at a time)
2. Lettuce Butterhead – Tom Thumb (a very small, one-person salad kind of Lettuce)
3. Lettuce – Super Jericho – (nice shape, good flavour)
4. Lettuce – Merveille de Quatre Saisons (my all-round favourite, simply melts in the mouth)
5. Lettuce Cos – Parris Island (occasionally tricky to germinate but so worth the wait)
6. Lettuce Romaine – Rouge D’Hiver (love the colour on this one and tasty too)

Even if you sowed all of these lettuces at exactly the same time then you would still get a lovely steady stream of successional salad greens because they all mature at different rates. The first one, Red Sails grows very quickly (45 days I think) while the last one Rouge D’Hiver takes a full 68 days to mature. And the new one Garnet Rose would come at the bottom of the pile at a humungous 74 days! Sheesh it had better be good.

This is a great selection for me because it almost ensures that I don’t have a glut of too many salad leaves at one time. In the early days I was drowning in Lettuce as this post, entitled “79 Lettuce” demonstrates.

7 Comments on “My Six Favourite Lettuce

  1. That’s a great selection of lettuces. I might give the Butterhead a try. I love butter type lettuces, and that one which is just the right size for a one-person salad sounds perfect for me.

  2. By coincidence have just, this evening, read said post. Note to self made.

  3. What a great selection of lettuces. This has inspired me to start planting my lettuce seed – I have a couple of packs of mixed seeds brought back from the UK when I visited at christmas. I live on Crete now and am starting my first full year gardening here. Spring has definitely sprung here, with the olive and orange groves covered in swathes of wild flowers. I have tomatoes and gourds in small pots ready to plant out. I’ve been worrying about planting lettuces due to the number of snails here but have now decided to plant them in small troughs on the outside windowsills and harvest them early for baby leaf salads :) .

  4. Hi Debbie, wow living in Crete sounds nice. Do you have a problem with it being too hot for Lettuce in high season? I start to move my Lettuce sowing to a more shady location mid-way through the summer.