Harvesting Micro Greens


I’ve been meaning to sow some Micro Greens for these past couple of years and have either just forgotten or been engrossed in growing enough Lettuce to sink a small ship. But since I already have a nice collection of greens growing away in the greenhouse (Rocket, Corn Salad, Pak Choi and Lettuce leaves) I thought I would add the micros to the mix. I went for the Micro Spicy Mix, my reasoning being that if I’m going to eat a tiny bit of something then it had better have a kick to it.


I snipped them with scissors and washed them in a fine colander. Then piled them on a cracker with my favourite stuff. Amazing! so fresh and tasty and green. A real treat.

In a flat tray I probably have enough for two or three more snacks like this. So I’m not sure that they are worth me growing them in large quantities but I’ll definitely be growing some at this time of year when there is little else around and for occasional treats like this. It only took them about a week to grow. Which is a pretty impressive ground to plate turn around!

5 Comments on “Harvesting Micro Greens

  1. Only a week to grow! Sure you can’t be bad to that. Just imagine a little drinks party and super posh nibbles = your friends think you are there bestest hostess ;) They look yummy and spicy too? Yum

  2. I’m really keen to grow some micro greens in the uk. I’ve tried Jekka and Sarah Raven along with several other companies. Do you know anywhere in the UK that stocks microgreen seeds as I can’t import them from overseas.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog for years – thank you!

  3. You could always make your own. Mix anything like cabbage, beetroot, pak choi, rocket, radish, chard, spinach. Whatever you like really. Just sow it thick and cut it at the two true leaf stage.

    The mixes are really just seeds that mostly germinate at the same time so they are even or go well together. But it’s whatever you like eat really.

  4. I tried something similar for my daughter’s birthday. These bits are delicious and healthy and the kids actually liked them. I recommend this recipe, it’s good choice for almost every event.