Garden Posy

I’m the person who buys a bunch of flowers from the supermarket, unwraps them, chops the ends off and dumps them in the vase, ready-arranged. I’m certainly no florist. But there’s something about Sweet Peas and their mouth-watering scent that makes me want to throw caution to the wind, pull out my kitchen scissors and cut a new bunch every day. Once I started chopping there was no stopping me. The few Cornflowers that were flowering quickly found their way into my new garden posy, as did one or two unlucky Lavender heads. Of course I had to tie it with string to give it that true Victorian look – all I need now is a sweetheart to give it to. Or better still – I’ll just keep it myself.

2 Comments on “Garden Posy

  1. Very beautiful flowers… and a very beautiful photograph of the very beautiful flowers.

    Go to the head of the class!

  2. I grew sweet peas on my lottie last year and was inundated with flowers. It was almost a full time job cutting them as I didnt want to waste a single bloom.

    They really are a worthwhile item to grow with lovely rewards