Random Harvest

The plot is being a bit random right now. You know what I mean – a bit of this ready, a bit of that ready. I brought in this little harvest a few days ago. Not much of anything really. A few Courgettes are ready (and you have to pick them before they grow too big). I grabbed one of the Shallots drying in my mini-greenhouse. One carrot – I was testing to see if they are big enough to eat yet, the answer is, not quite. A few Runner Beans and some Parsley & Sage, well, just because. Maybe it was me that was feeling random that day. We had the lot, cooked up in some butter with pasta. Except the Carrot. That one didn’t even make it to the kitchen.

6 Comments on “Random Harvest

  1. I’m having the same sort of harvest right now. Very soon, however, I’ll be harvesting more beets and carrots.

    I also have some seedlings to put out once those veggies are harvested. Broccoli, swiss chard, kale, cutting celery and fennel which did nothing the first time.

    You have a beautiful garden.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great to plant everything in March and have a ‘cut and come again’ harvest for all of the season?

    I know what you mean about random though which makes it kind of tricky to plan a full meal.

    A little creativity needed to utilise everything perhaps?

  3. Random is good – much better than a glut! Not that I’ve grown enough of anything to constitute a glut yet…

    Great blog by the way. I’m very envious of your lovely garden – I’ve been dreadfully lazy this year and it shows *blush* (hence no pictures of it on my blog yet – too, too embarrassing!).

  4. Produce starts ripening slowly, but once it gets going you won’t be able to stop it – everything comes at once. Enjoy it!

  5. I think random harvest it’s funnier than the methodical one!
    You can follow your creation, try everything and enjoy mixed ingredients in strange, new recipes.


  6. For a moment I thought there was a large slice of green pepper in the trug – then realised it was the scissors!
    Isn’t it lovely to pick veg and eat them straight away.