I cut these gorgeous Hyacinths today. I planted the bulbs back in November when I planted the Tulips. The tulips are still green but these are ready and what a colour? The electric blue is almost too vibrant for the garden. It stands out so much against the plain backdrop (of virtually no plants) that I was actually quite happy to bring them indoors. And the smell – wow!

4 Comments on “Hyacinths

  1. I love Hyacinths, they remind me of my grandmother. I know what you mean though about them seeming abit garish but its nice to have some colour at this time of year

  2. Yes they’re very old-fashioned. They’re almost ironically old-fashioned! And once they’re in-doors I’d say they fit in perfectly. However, they can be a bit harsh in the garden – a bit like my crazy acid orange Calendulas last year!

  3. Hi

    I was given 3 hyacinth bulbs in a pretty basket as a gift recently. I don’t know exactly what they are called, but they grow straight up with small flowers sprouting out from the shaft. I kept them indoors, they flowered with the most beautiful white flowers and fragrance.

    The flowers have now died off, but I don’t know what to do with the bulbs now? Do I need to cut back all the green leaf to the base of the bulb or will it flower again shortly, as I have now removed all the dead flowers?

    I love gardening but am most definitely a novice. I pretty much see something I like and plant it in the back garden. I haven’t lost any plants yet so must be doing something right :)

    Anyway, any tips or advice would be most welcome as I would so love to see these Hyacinth again next year.

    Many thanks