New Tags for New Garden

I created some plant tags today. I’d like to say that the idea is all my own but I shamelessly stole the design from the plant tags that I saw at The Lost Gardens of Heligan when we visited in the summer. I put two coats of heavy duty gloss paint on them to stop them rotting in the ground and then used a waterproof markerpen to write on them. I’m hoping I can reuse them each year – at least that’s the plan. I love the fact that they are wooden and reusable. I try not to use anything plastic in the garden – not necessarily for any environmental reason (although that’s nice too) but it’s more for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes plastic is unavoidable (for instance my temporary coldframe has plastic panels) and of course plastic is cheaper but in my opinion traditional materials sit better with the look of my new garden and I really love the idea of using the same products and materials that say, Victorian kitchen gardeners used. Maybe, I’m missing a trick here – I’d be interested to know what other people think on this.

6 Comments on “New Tags for New Garden

  1. just dont put them near the peas, lettuce, garlic or radish cuz the paint toxins will leach into the soil and contaminate the veggies, be ingested by humans, concentrated in breast milk and fed to unknowing babies …… ;)

  2. It’s plastic for me as I put the variety on them so need to be able to rub out pencil markings and reuse. Also they last forever.

  3. I made some at my pottery class and they look very rustic in plain terracotta. I made tiny vegetables for each marker and they look fun.

  4. I must admit I use a plastic milk container and cut it in strips, it make me feel that the plastic has not been made in vain.

  5. You can also break apart clothes pegs or keep them together for clipping to pots. Paint them the same way you did the others and write on them with the waterproof marker. I’m going to give this a try. You can get 40 pegs for under 2 euro, such a bargain!! ;-)