Jackson’s Sunflowers

If there’s no sunshine outside then I’ll just have to bring it indoors! These are Jackson’s Sunflowers. When he was born a friend’s mum bought him some tiny gardening tools and a pack of dwarf Sunflowers (thanks Mrs Price). I am ashamed to admit that I’ve been using said mini tools for my seedlings (I’m testing them!) and I sowed the dwarf Sunflower seeds almost immediately. Bad kitty, I know, but I can’t leave seeds unsown, it’s not in my DNA. 

I’m glad I did sow them because now, just when I need a pick-me-up, my garden is overflowing with beautiful Sunflowers. And Jackson likes them too! Everyone’s happy, no?

6 Comments on “Jackson’s Sunflowers

  1. Ooh they’re lovely – I shall let Mrs P senior know the happy outcome! :) Dwarf sunflowers are the way forward. We have two giants out the back – they’re taking ages…

  2. How wonderfully cheerful. You’ve inspired me to try harder to remember to grow sunflowers next year – last time we tried them when we’d just moved here over ten years ago, we were amazed that snails ate them. We only had slugs in our last garden and they don’t climb.

  3. Yeah! So glad you were able to bring in the sunshine with flowers–my favorite way to bring the outdoors in! (esp. after being spoiled with the Colorado sunshine!)

  4. They are absolutely lovely, I knew I should have bought some for myself. Oh well first item on next years’ To Do list – Dwarf Sunflower seeds. Must remember to sow them though hmmn – second item on next years’ To Do list – sorted!

  5. I planted a lot of sunflowers, but only one plant came up happily. Some of my chicken got into a few, my husband took a rake or something into some–which I told him he owed me sunflower for a week! I haven’t seen a sunflower bouqet from him yet! How rude! The sunflowers I put in pots bloomed but were little guys–cute but gosh, I want some big guys!

  6. ooh that is another thing to add to my garden wish list for next year, I love sunflowers, they always cheer you up without fail!