Time for Some Parsnip

I’ve never grown good parsnips before. In the past they have been small, forked or I’ve had problems with germination. It just goes to show that sometimes you can only cure a random problem with one vegetable by err… moving gardens, which seems a bit severe, but it’s true. This year my Parsnips are huge and to be honest I have done nothing differently. I have no explanation for my huge Parsnips – I sowed the seed at the same time of year and cared for them in the same way as last year. I also made sure (like last year) that the seed was brand new since I know that Parsnip seed doesn’t keep well. Nothing is different, except the soil. Which, as we all know, is crucial.

I had a job to get it out of ground, it was so big. But once I did I washed it, chopped it, cooked it, blended it and fed it to Jackson – not all of it! I put some in weaning pots to freeze and eat later. 

He liked it! – well after an initial grimace and a few encouraging words from me, ‘it’s okay, I know it’s a strange taste but you really don’t want to be missing out on roast Parsnip at Christmas when you’re older, trust me’. Next time we may progress to Parsnip with butter – ooh!

11 Comments on “Time for Some Parsnip

  1. I roasted vegetables for both my kids and then pureed them, just for a bit more oomph in the flavour, although parsnip is pretty damn nice roasted or not! Well done on getting them to grow, I managed to get 3 decent sized ones back when I had my allotment but I’ve not planted any since, maybe next year!

  2. I’ve lasted nearly 50 years without my 3rd most hated vegetable … Parsnips no matter which way they are cooked are not for me …..


  3. Hey there,

    Just found your site after reading about you in Countryfile Magazine. What a fantastic blog. I’d love to do what you do but time isn’t on my side!

    Keep up the good work though and congratulations on the award.

  4. Great pictures! I just started parsnip for the first time (this is the time of year according to where I live) and hope it comes up soon. I’ve never had it before, but anything with butter usually tastes great!

  5. My daughter loves roasted and pureed parsnips too and I loved your fabulous weaning pots!

    I live in Australia and have never seen them before, can you share where you got them?

  6. Yeah, they are nice pictures. I’m still trying to grow decent carrots. :-| Maybe I can import some seeds they seem to go down okay.

  7. “give peas a chance” – that’s hilarious!! I can’t stop laughing at the image of the parsnip-splattered bib. Your son is adorable!

  8. Would of had you down as a Baby-Led-Weaning advocate – be cute to see your little one sucking some parsnip batons to death!!

    Mush looks cute too though, and I agree the bib is adorable!

  9. I love Jackson’s shirt.

    I couldn’t get my boys to touch parsnips with a 10 foot pole. I have no clue how to convert that to meters.