Leek Flower

This is what happens to leeks if you let them go to seed and flower. This one was planted around this time last year and it has just rewarded us with this beautiful flower which the bees absolutely love. They are actually great as a cut flower as this one has lasted for over a week. Great, if you can put up with the oniony smell!

3 Comments on “Leek Flower

  1. A few years back I discovered (by accident) how great leek seed heads are, I don’t even bother with allium from the bulb catalogues these days as I think these are much more impressive, as they have lovely long stems. It is so easy to sow lots of seed in one pot, once ready to thin out there is always plenty for growing to eat and to leave to go to seed. I must admit I haven’t smelt mine, as I haven’t yet picked one to bring indoors, but I take your word for it!

  2. Aliums are the closest flower to leeks-in-bloom and they have a really onion-ish scent but look great.