Carrots in a Pot

growing carrots in a pot
After my success with the carrots in the old coldframe I have decided to sow some more carrots – this time in a small pot in my garden. I never seem to have any luck when I sow carrots directly into the ground so I’ll stick with the container idea for now. They seem to be doing okay for now. The variety is Autmun King but I will probably pull them when they are quite small as the pot isn’t big enough to let them grow to full length.

4 Comments on “Carrots in a Pot

  1. Hi,
    There are a lots of small carrots so don’t they have to little space to grow? Now we already have August, isn’t it to late for them?
    How big is your pot?

  2. Good idea. Mine are growing in the polytunnel but have become weed bound whilst I have been away -and don’t get me started about the tiny snails on the cauliflowers!

  3. Hi Asikk – you’re right! They are too close together. I will be thinning them out once they are a little bigger. It’s not too late to sow carrots so long as they are Autumn varieties.

  4. I have had TERRIFIC success with planting miniature carrots (anything shorter than average) in pots. In fact I prefer it to growing them in-ground. I also love to sow them close together and then thin them, because the thinnings are so tiny and cute and tasty!