The Chelsea Greenhouses – Oh! So Stylish

As you know I’m obsessed with greenhouses and what to put in them to make them the most stylish place in the garden. So when I arrived at Chelsea to find three stands oozing with greenhouse style I nearly did a back flip. There are always greenhouses at Chelsea. Of course they are big ticket items and there are plenty of people buying expensive stuff so they do a roaring trade. But it’s not the house themselves I’m interested in it’s the styling. And this year some stands really surpassed themselves in that department. I was only too happy to spend some time taking photos of their creations.

full greenhouse

A full greenhouse is a happy greenhouse. This one is bursting with colour and seating options. I do wish my greenhouse was just a tiny bit wider so that I could budge in a chair and a table. Then I could truly move in! And see the child’s lawnmover peeking out on the left?


One of the smaller greenhouses was completely given over to Cacti. I particularly like this little specimen in a jelly mould. There were lots of pots arranged on their side too with the plant almost spilling out. A Cactus seems to lend itself to spilling out.

greenhouse_double (1)

Inbetween the greenhouses in a kind of courtyard setting there was a ladder propped up against a wall with various pots and jugs set on it. I love old enamelware with herbs planted in them, there’s something carefree and ‘grandmas kitchen garden’ about it. The tree discs balanced at the back are a good idea and the Photinia on the right brings it all to life. I have to say, though, my children would have the whole display over in seconds and the dogs would run away with the discs!

On the right, I love the little teddy bear on his miniature chair holding a seed packet with blackboards behind. A little twee but, come on, this is a show display!

herbs in pots

More herbs in pots. This time in some stylish terracotta. Very Mediterranean. Love the Bakelite radio in the background.


And who doesn’t want a Heuchera in a kettle? I think the designers had some fun with this one. Think about the possible combinations! I might try a red wine coloured variety in a dusky green kettle.


This was the star of the show among the greenhouses. Apparently, it had been bought by a couple for each other to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Yes, there is a bath tub in the greenhouse, with a table next to it for your champagne glass. The Stephanotis that has been trained around the windows gives off so much delicious scent that you just want to eat it. The whole thing rocked my world. I was slightly worried by the lack of shades on the windows – but that’s just me.

lupin box

If you’re going to use Lupins use them like this. I’m not sure how practical this is for the plant but for a temporary floral display (wedding maybe?) they are perfect. I love the box, I love the moss, I even love the Lupins.

victorian cloche

I have a Victorian cloche like this and I’ve been fussing about it going rusty. I was ashamed to have it in the garden and have taken it down to the basement to be renovated (when I have time). I think it may find itself back in the garden, rust and all!


Ferns, Ferns, Ferns. I didn’t like Ferns when I first moved to Portland. Why? Because they are EVERYWHERE. I think I had about 25 Sword Ferns on the west side of my garden alone. I took them out and gave them to my neighbours. Now I quite like them so long as there is variety. This little box of various Ferns is just about perfect for me.

6 Comments on “The Chelsea Greenhouses – Oh! So Stylish

  1. I have been reading your lovely blog for a while and thought I would say hello. We went to Chelsea yesterday and like you I loved the greenhouses and their contents. Beautiful!

  2. I have never ventured to the Chelsea flower show but methinks next year I will make a little time to do so. Lovely Pictures and I may well copy that there ladder with pots on it for my tiny plot of a compromise wildlife garden which I started last Autumn.

  3. I’ve read your blog since before you moved to the US and really enjoy it. You haven’t written much about flowers over the years, mainly veg, I seem to remember which I love reading about. From your two last posts I get more of an impression of your flower likes and dislikes, guess we have very different tastes. I absolutely love lupins and ferns, I don’t need 25 of the same kind of fern, but here in our rather shady garden I love having lots of all different kinds. And I’d have many more lupins if the slugs would leave them alone.

  4. Hi, I just found your blog through Gardenista. Love your garden and greenhouse! I have a glasshouse but it’s fairly utilitarian, made of glass and aluminium so it’s hard to make pretty. However after looking at all these pictures I think perhaps I’m just not trying hard enough! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. Good blogging and great photos man.

    Am looking to xchange berry and veg seeds.

    Right now would like to try growing Tayberry-Buckingham from SEED.
    Time-consuming but then must be very interesting to observer and
    Anyone willing to spare seeds from a couple of berries,?
    Thanks a lot to all the happy gardeners of EDEN.