My Garden on Gardenista

I was asked by Michelle the editor at to write a piece about my kitchen garden here in Portland. I was thrilled and started working on it right away.

I love to read Gardenista. It’s like jumping into a world full of lovely, perfect garden ideas that I wished I had thought of but didn’t. So I was honoured to be asked to contribute.

I soon found that I didn’t have half the photos that Michelle required to make the piece ‘personal’. Most of the photos missing were of me! I don’t take that many photos of me in my own garden – well you don’t when you’re the one holding the camera.

So one morning I got up really early and asked my husband to take some photos of me in the garden. I guess the photos were somewhat staged but all the things I’m doing in the photos I do actually do in my garden. Just not on the same day with the same dress on :)

Finally, I had all the photos ready and went ahead and wrote the piece. It’s quite difficult to write about yourself in your own garden so I had to get my head around that first. But once I got into the swing of things it all just came out.

Here is the piece. Have a read, see what you think. An English Garden in Portland.


7 Comments on “My Garden on Gardenista

  1. What a lovely piece , and your garden looks beautiful !

  2. What a super article in Gardenista and the photos are brilliant. It shows off a lovely English garden in all its glory. You have to be congratulated on transforming a derelict site into such a productive and beautiful garden and in such a short time. Like other young mums your time is limited. So give yourself a big pat on the back and keep us all informed on new events in your garden. xx

  3. Lovely photos and what great exposure. I’m still jealous of your greenhouse.

  4. Your pickling jar contents look very interesting – any recipes?
    Lovely to see your ‘Sunburst Garden’ idea in a library book I read recently here in England – My Tiny Veg Plot by Lia Leendertz – wonder where the title idea came from?! I hope someone is enjoying your old English garden as much as you are enjoying your new Portland one.

  5. Lovely article and beautiful photos. And fun to read a little background story about your garden!

  6. Thanks everyone. I’m touched. Yes Linda I’m yet to see a copy of My Tiny Veg Plot the publisher said they would send me one. It’s funny how blogs open doors. The people who built my greenhouse said they got several requests for ‘that greenhouse on Gardenista’.