Tulips Still Coming

I had to post this photo of my gorgeous, gorgeous Tulips. They just keep on coming. I’ll be sad when they’re all gone again for another year.

5 Comments on “Tulips Still Coming

  1. They look great, I have lots of them in containers that are still going strong, a real colour treat.

  2. You’re lucky they are still coming out fresh, they look so beautiful. Mine are starting to fade & die off already, it’s sad to see them go.

  3. Every year I have the debate with myself whether I like tulips or daffodils more – I think it’s a draw. These are beautiful.

  4. Brilliant photo…. I can only dream about having tulips – or any bulbs for that matter. All I’ve got is green leaves!! I’ve got a lawn full of them but they never flower so I’ve got fed up this year and have mowed them down. Any ideas why they don’t flower (I don’t normally mow them down so it’s not because they haven’t been left to get the energy for the following year’s growth).