Tulips Emerging

It’s been gently snowing here all day. Nothing is sticking but it’s freezing cold and the fountain is rock solid again. The heater in the greenhouse is clicking on and off in an attempt to keep the chill off some perennial flowers that I sowed. And the Calvolo Nero seeds that I sowed last week […]

My Old Tulips, Flowering

Back in November (a little late) I planted some pretty special Tulip bulbs that my neighbour gave to me. I didn’t know if they would flower or not or even if the ground was going to be too heavy for Tulips. Well, they flowered and they were beautiful. Each one was a deep burgundy colour […]

Tulips Still Coming

I had to post this photo of my gorgeous, gorgeous Tulips. They just keep on coming. I’ll be sad when they’re all gone again for another year.

Yellow Tulips for Easter

My Tulips are in flower. I must admit flowers don’t last long in my garden since I only grow most of them for cutting. These particular Eastery yellow ones were cut… gathered… and in the vase pretty quick. I’ve got some lovely purple and peach coloured ones to come but these pale yellows are my […]

Tulips; The Perfect Kitchen Garden Flower

I picked the first of my tulips this afternoon. I have a bank of them growing along the left hand side of mtp. I love tulips. They’re just so crisp and fresh. I love the way that they’re quite firm to the touch and stand bolt upright. I love the way sometimes their colour doesn’t […]