Early Rhubarb Jam

I met a lovely lady today at Frome market selling these very pink jars of ‘Early Rhubarb’ jam. It wasn’t just the jam that caught my eye but the presentation of it too. The labels, the brown paper wrapping, the cute litte jars. Her stall was laid out with patience and attention to detail. She used wooden crates, vintage tablecloths, and lots and lots of glass cake stands to display her products. Her stall just shone out.

I love that. I had to buy some of course, that was a given. I asked her where the Rhubarb came from as mine wasn’t ready yet and she said she’d just had a huge delivery from Yorkshire (the Rhubarb triangle) and was busy making lots of jam for all the local farmer’s markets. What a lovely way to pass these cold, cold months.

6 Comments on “Early Rhubarb Jam

  1. Oh I bet that tastes lovely. Things always take nicer when you can see they’ve been made with love, care and attention. Such a gorgeous little pot of jam!

  2. Very nice!
    I would have bought some, too!
    I used to make rhubarb pies, but now I am diabetic and have to restirct my sugar intake.
    I followed the link to learn more about rhubarb – very interesting!

  3. I’ve never made Rhubarb jam before – it always get gobbled up too quickly or made into pies… it looks amazing!