Seed Swappers

I went to my local seed swapping event today, Seedy Sunday. Now is a great time to swap your saved seed and get something new to grow that you may not have grown before.

Others thought so too as it was already packed with people swapping, chatting and consuming tea and cakes.

There was a book swap table, to which I donated my Alan Titchmarsh Kitchen Garden book,

Ian from More Veg, helped Jackson and I choose some seeds from his stand.

And even though we didn’t actually donate any seed we managed to come away (by way of a donation) with a packet of Cress and some Fennel.

And… I found out that Simpson’s Seeds nursery is actually in the old kitchen garden at Longleat house. So that one is on my ‘gardens to visit’ list for the summer.

7 Comments on “Seed Swappers

  1. seed swaps and potato days just don’t happen here (Plymouth) boo hoo

  2. Haven’t been to a seed swap but I went to a very busy ‘Potato Day’ yesterday at Stonham Barns, Stonham Aspel, Suffolk. I bought six each of ten varieties and am especially looking forward to tasting the ‘Yukon Gold’. Now I need to make sure I keep an exact record of where I plant each variety….

  3. Sounds a lovely idea – we don’t have that where I live in France but I might start it off! I don’t think I could bear to part with my Alan T Kitchen Garden book – its the best and no matter how well I know it I keep it with me all the time! Is that sad?!

  4. Oh my goodness this looks like it was so much fun. Being in Okinawa, I feel somewhat deprived of such a wonderful gardening community ( admittedly mostly due to my personal problems with learning Japanese.. I’ll be able to communicate one day LOL) I cannot wait to come home to the states and start a proper organic garden and be a part of a thriving agricultural community… but with such wonderful photos I am happy to live somewhat vicariously through the great garden bloggers while I tend to my small indoor gardens lol. Thank you for sharing :)