First Autumn Raspberries

I picked a few of the first Autumn Raspberries today. They were amazing! I copied Harry Dodson’s way of harvesting them from the ‘Victorian Kitchen Garden’ DVD by picking a few leaves and putting them in a wooden box. A bit of overkill I think for the size of harvest, but still, it made it feel special.

I might have to think about culling the number of canes I have this Winter as they’re starting to take over that side of the garden. Maybe if I take out every other one I should be able to thin them out in that way.

But for now I’m enjoying Raspberries every morning from my bumper crop! I love this time of year don’t you :)

12 Comments on “First Autumn Raspberries

  1. I always think of that scene from the Victorian Kitchen Garden when I pick my raspberries for our allotment show as I nestle them on some leaves in a little box in order to carefully take them to Neeld Hall.

    I’m always amused by the term ‘Autumn’ for my raspberries – I have both Autumn Bliss and Fallgold and they both strat producing in July. I’m not complaining, mind :)

  2. Lovely raspberries, seems like ages ago when mine finished. I need a so called Autumn variety!

  3. Gorgeous!
    I haven’t been a conscientious gardener this year so I am grateful for my autumn bliss raspberries! Producing since early June, it has now been providing me with a quart or two of raspberries everyday for a month now. I even shared with my neighbour and normally I a quite selfish when it comes to raspberries!

  4. Lovely
    I’m ordering Rasberries for delivery later in the year, Autumn Bliss and a summer cropper, hope they look as lovely as yours, Helen

  5. Hi Love your site just wondering what the purpose of the leaves was – cushioning?

  6. They look absolutely delicious. I’m so jealous. One day I’ll have raspberries in my garden :-)

  7. Raspberries every morning sounds fabulous! What a great way to start the day…

  8. Wow they look fat and juicy, what a bumper harvest to look forward to. I had some lovely english blackcurrants yesterday and they were lovely too.

  9. Even if they’re overkill, the leaves help make it a feast for the eyes! We haven’t got raspberries now, just lots of blackberries, and am about to make blackberry vinegar. I bet raspberry vinegar would be every bit as good.

  10. How wonderful! my raspberries don’t make it home – they get eaten straight from the plant.

  11. They look delicious! We picked a load of blackberries the other day, have to think of something to do with them. Made a really delicious cheesecake with them last year! Raspberries are always great with meringue or in a pavlova… :D