Announcing UK Veg Gardeners

I’m very excited to finally be able to let you know about a little project I’ve been working on with some other vegetable garden bloggers here in the UK. It’s a new community site called UK Veg Gardeners.

I have been thinking for many months that while it’s great to have lots of different blogs on the subject of vegetable and fruit gardening what was missing was a central place for us all to hang out. Yes, I know that there are other community sites that do that but they either tend to be for general gardeners (I like Clematis but not ‘that’ much!), or they are so big that they cover all the veg gardeners in all the world.

What I crave for is a small community of people like me, obsessed with veg and fruit here in the UK. So I’ve limited it to UK growers only (sorry US and others – it might expand soon).

It doesn’t matter if you don’t blog, all that matters is that you are passionate about growing and want to meet others that do the same.

It’s a social site so the idea is to talk to people. You can ask questions in the forum, add photos of your best veg, add links to news items, create a group for your local area or something you are interested in (ie. Growing Chillies) and just generally socialise. You can even personalise your page to look however you want it to.

I do want to make it clear that the site is not-for-profit. I have some small costs to cover so we’ll be looking for one sponsor, but over and above that I’d like the site to be virtually owned and facilitated by everyone who uses it.

I’m hoping that the site will bring the UK gardening community together in a new way that makes us all feel like part of something special. Who knows, we might even get out from behind our computers and actually meet more!

So why not register. Everyone is welcome to join, it’s free and you might meet someone who lives just round the corner from you who is equally nuts about growing veg. You never know.

12 Comments on “Announcing UK Veg Gardeners

  1. Terrific site – I’ve joined and look forward to exploring and chatting. Hats off to you!

  2. Great. It is nice to hang out with people of the same interest and share things out….. ~bangchik

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  4. Hurrah for this! Looking forward to using it. I’m going to need all the gardening/veg growing help I can get!

    Well done.

  5. Thank you for doing this, I signed up yesterday and it seems to have really taken off! It’s quite exciting seeing who’s joining and checking out their blogs and, as you say, great that we all have one thing in common: veg growing in the UK.

  6. Fantastic to see how many have signed up over the past few days. You must be chuffed :)

  7. Brilliant idea!
    It’s like Ravelry, but with spuds instead of knitting..! As I can’t imagine how I managed without Rav, I’m sure I’ll think this about UKveggardeners in no time!

    Thanks :)

  8. I am desparately trying to get on to the site but you will not let me. HELP!