Green Garden

Everything (well almost, everything) is green in my garden at the moment. At this time of year all of the fruit is unripe and most of the things that are ready for harvest are either green (Lettuce, Spinach, Kale etc) or the colour is under the ground (Carrots, Radish etc). With the exception of my Lollo Rosso Lettuce and my amazing display of Chive flowers virtually everything else is green. My Strawberries, as you can see above, are still green.

My Blackcurrants are plentiful, but you guessed it, still green.

My Peaches are fluffy and cute but very much still green.

But, my Redcurrants, well, they are mostly green but today I noticed that one of them has a tiny patch of pink on it. Yey! Bring on the summer – full of ripe, fragrant fruit and a garden full of colour.

13 Comments on “Green Garden

  1. i wish i still had green strawberries – all of mine have been eaten already!!!

    Beautiful photos!~

  2. I’m finally transplanting all my herb seedlings today and I’m looking forward to seeing my container garden bursting with goodness soon.

  3. Hey Amy,

    What ate your Strawberries? Birds? They usually go for the ripe ones.

  4. the red current is too cute with its faint blush =]

  5. Something snaffled my first just-starting-to-blush strawberry yesterday so I’ve frost fleeced the lot after lifting them off the ground with the contents of my paper shredder. I used fleece last year and it worked a treat – kept them very snug and warm and, I presume, held in all the lovely chemicals that they released to help the others ripen. Mmmmm…

  6. Alot of my strawberries are still green, but some are now ripening. We’ve had over a dozen already.

  7. That peach is so sweet (well, not yet, but the picture sure is!)

  8. Last weekend my strawberries were promisingly green, but I’ve returned today to find most of them have turned brown (and the ones that have made it to red have largely been nibbled by the snails). All new fruits emerging are also going brown. This has never happened before. I have an irrigation system so they’ve been watered during the hot weather, so I don’t think it’s sunburn – but the ones that are brown are also very light and, therefore, dry. Does anyone have any ideas? My googling has suggested it may be leather rot, a fungal disease, but I don’t know. All I know is we’ve been looking forward all week to a bowl of our strawberries and so are very disappointed :-(

  9. what a great bounty! suzanne mentioned the blush of the currant, beautiful. green garden, what a great observation.

  10. Ah yes! the garden shows promise but not quite there yet. I think we need more sunshine to ripen things now!