When is a Peach Ready?

The short answer is when you can give it a gentle twist… just like this… and it comes away from the tree easily, like this. If it needs to be tugged at then it’s not ready.

Time to Deploy the Peach Frame

My Peach tree is starting to show signs of life. I can just about see some tiny pink flower petals starting to emerge under the deluge of rain we’re having here. It’s time to deploy my Peach frame. So my exposed little Peach tree became… …my protected little Peach tree. I don’t want any nasty […]

How to Tell If a Peach is Ripe

Well, the short answer is, ‘when it looks like this’. But, okay I’ll give you the long answer then. I had no idea how to tell if a Peach is ripe until a few days ago when I thought – hmm that Peach looks ripe but I’m too much of a wuss to pick it […]

Green Garden

Everything (well almost, everything) is green in my garden at the moment. At this time of year all of the fruit is unripe and most of the things that are ready for harvest are either green (Lettuce, Spinach, Kale etc) or the colour is under the ground (Carrots, Radish etc). With the exception of my […]

Come on Bees, Requesting Back Up

Today, I did some pollinating. My Peach tree is in full flower, with not a single bee in sight. So I did the only thing I could do in the circumstances and got out my paint-brush for a spot of hand pollination. It was quite relaxing really, dusting the pollen from the stamen to the […]