Growing a Tayberry

I took delivery of my brand new Tayberry (a cross between a Raspberry and a Blackberry) from Victoriana Nursery yesterday. I’m super excited about growing my first Tayberry. I have literally run out of space for permanent plantings so I’m attempting to grow it in a pot.

Don’t worry it’s a big pot and it will sit right on my south-facing wall so I’ve no doubt that it will do well there.

Ever since I went to The Lost Gardens of Heligan a few years ago and saw this Tayberry I have wanted to grow one. I’m hoping that if I train it up a wall I will be able to make it look as beautiful as this one.

Tayberries, apparently, will tolerate shade and inferior soil but like most fruit they prefer rich soil and full sun. The only soil they may not tolerate is light chalky soil. They fruit on this year’s growth so pruning is pretty simple – once each cane has fruited, cut it out and more fruiting canes will grow next year.

Ideally, I would have planted it back in October so that it would settle in before the growing season but up to the end of March is okay too. The advice was to keep the crown of the roots level with the soil surface so that’s what I did. After planting cut back to one good bud about 30cm (12in) high. This was already done for me so I left it as it came.

Fingers crossed for some juicy, Raspberry-ish with a hint of Blackberry, fruit come Summer. Yey!

15 Comments on “Growing a Tayberry

  1. Do let us know how you get on. I’ve been put off growing Tayberries because of them not really liking alkaline soil and that liking for richness means pot grown might be a bit tricky.

    However, if you can do it we all can :)

  2. They sound delicious, and the pruning requirements sound easy enough.

  3. ooh we just planted our first Raspberries – i can’t wait to try them (especially as I just paid a fortune for some at the supermarket!).

  4. I’m interested in seeing a masterplan for this year of your fantastic plot

  5. I bought a Tayberry last year and have it in a large pot. (I only have a small front garden and back yard at the moment).
    It seems to be doing well – but how big it will grow is yet to be seen

  6. I planted a Tayberry last October on my plot! Have not yet put up a support for it – maybe I should make that my next job!

  7. The fruits look huge and delicious! I hope your very own Tayberry does really well for you. I have a Honeyberry on order and am looking forward to that arriving soon :)

  8. I planted my Tayberry in a border just last week so I’m reassured now that it wasn’t too late. That photo is amazing – hopefuly mine will lok like that one day!

  9. This has made my mind up, I am going to go and get a couple of plants this Weekend to put in. I like the idea that the fruits grow on new years growth as I like things you can chop down annually.

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