Tayberry Sprouting

My Tayberry is sprouting. The leaves on it are much, much bigger than the leaves on my Blackcurrant, Red currants and White currants. Which surprises me as my Raspberries have yet to show. Tayberries fruit on last year’s growth so I’m hoping that the stems that were left behind when I pruned it are the […]

Tayberries Beating the Raspberries

The Tayberry that I planted back in March has flowered and is now setting fruit! I hadn’t anticipated seeing fruit this early. I thought they would come at the same time as the Raspberries which are only just budding up. But they must be earlier in general. I haven’t really done anything to the bush […]

Growing a Tayberry

I took delivery of my brand new Tayberry (a cross between a Raspberry and a Blackberry) from Victoriana Nursery yesterday. I’m super excited about growing my first Tayberry. I have literally run out of space for permanent plantings so I’m attempting to grow it in a pot. Don’t worry it’s a big pot and it […]

My New Veg for 2010

It’s time to start thinking about buying some seed. I spend weeks researching which vegetables and which varieties I will grow. Most of my decisions are made based on what I’m into eating at the moment. But I always leave room to try out new vegetables that I’ve never grown before. Because my tiny plot […]