How to Grow Pineberries

My Pineberry plants arrived. Ten of them in total, in a teeny tiny little bag inside a teeny box. When I unwrapped them I found out why. They are indeed like small Strawberries. Each was no more than four or five centimetres long.

I planted them straight away in the sunniest part of the garden, in a patch that I manured in Autumn. They should like it there. I had a few spare so I planted the extra ones in a large terracotta pot and put it underneath my Grapevine on the South-facing wall. They’ll probably need some watering when Summer comes.

Here are the basics on how to grow them.
Courtesy of Mow it, Sow it, Grow it.

How to plant

  • Prepare the soil by digging over, removing any perennial weeds and adding manure.
  • Place the Pineberry plants every 30cm in rows that are 30 cm apart.
  • Plant with the crown at soil level and water well.
  • Check the plants every other day during the ripening period.
  • Regularly hoe between the rows and individual plants.

Caring for Pineberries

  • From May place straw in the rows and under the fruit to suppress weeds and prevent the fruit lying on the ground. This also keeps snails at bay!
  • If you can’t get straw use polythene sheeting.
  • Well rotted horse manure applied just after winter and once more just before growing will ensure a great crop.
  • Pick regularly to encourage growth.

So, they’re in. The newest addition to My Tiny Plot – Pineberries.

6 Comments on “How to Grow Pineberries

  1. Welcome to the club! Sunny patch and well manured, your plants should grow lovely there.

    My only concern is the size of the Pineberry plants, they are really tiny – we only sell them when there about three times bigger and in 10cm pots.

    I would suggest you cover them for a few weeks just until the worst of the weather has passed then they should be a bit bigger and more established.

    Any more questions just ask away! :-)

  2. I have mine on order – we can see how they grow in sunny France. I ordered mine after reading your post and have been telling the kids about a strawberry that will not taste like one which will grow in our garden this year.

  3. I had never heard of pineberrys before so a quick google for more info and they sound great. May have to find some space in our “working area” of the garden for some!


  4. Hi MTP,
    I don’t know if you know, but your blog is only sort of working! If you type in and miss out the www. then it comes up with this error message:

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    Hope that makes more sense to you.

  5. Can you please tell me where I can get some pineberry plants? I am very interested in getting them for my father-in-law who loves to plant strawberries and such. I think it would be a great new addition to his gardening.

    Thank you!

    Lori Jarrett