Mossy & Green

At this time of year it’s gorgeous in the woods. All mossy, green, and sweet smelling. Moss is amazing isn’t it? The more you look at it, the more you see. It’s like a tiny world where everything stays green all Winter long. I love it.

6 Comments on “Mossy & Green

  1. Fantastic stuff. I love the quote about moss being a tiny little world, it really is. Also, nice to see a pic of a Yew in there, my favourite tree.

  2. Very nice photos and for me in France brings back memories. The woods where I am are currently taken over by the hunters in my area so not particularly safe for walking in!

  3. I love this time of year as well, spring just around the corner, and that mossy smell in the woods!

    Great pics, hadnt seen your blog before but stumbled across from a link on a friends site!

  4. Beautiful photos!!. It reminds of me how lovely and green Ireland is, mainly from all the rain!!I really love your website, your articles are interesting and your pics are great. Been following your website for a few years now.

  5. We’ve just returned from Centre Parcs and have to agree that the forest is great at this time of year. Really enjoy your blog. Looking forward to seeing the updated version.