Isn’t Rhubarb Weird?

I mean, there aren’t many vegetables that look like brain when they are just emerging in early Spring, but yes Rhubarb is one of them.

18 Comments on “Isn’t Rhubarb Weird?

  1. It is weird, parts are poinsonous, parts are safe and delicious. it is a beautiful plant even if you don’t like to eat it.

    I’m hoping to add some to my gardens this year.

  2. I’d never thought of it like that before, but now you mention it I suppose it does a bit.

  3. What mystifies me is that slugs (with their incredibly soft bodies) love rhubarb leaves and since I don’t see piles of corpses, I assume it’s doesn’t kill them. But the crystalline ‘needles’ of oxalic acid will supposedly pierce our gut linings (if we humans eat them) and kill us that way (rather than being chemically poisonous).

    Does anyone know the answer to this mystery?

  4. I am adding a vegetable plot to my garden this year. Rhubarb is certainly on the list as we has a huge patch when I was a kid. The yummy memories of rhubarb compote on toast make me anxious for my own, though I’ll have to wait a year or three for my own. I find so much inspiration from your blog, look forward to reading what you’re up to with planting and planning. Thanks for sharing your gardening progress.

  5. I’m forcing some in the polytunnel for the first time this year – but even so, the wait to get enough for a rhubarb crumble is killing me!!

  6. That’s horrible!!!

    Enough to put me off my rhubarb crumble.

    I made a Rhubarb Bellini last year; recommend that to you.

  7. Great pictures. Is this how your rhurbarb looks at the moment, I have mine in a pot and there is no sign of life yet. Should I be worried. Margaret

  8. Hi Margaret,
    Yes that’s how my Rhubarb looks right now. Your Rhubarb is probably fine – it might just be colder where you are and it’s still dormant. Unless the pot is waterlogged then it should be fine.

  9. I noticed that mine is starting to come up, it looks quite alien but just so exciting! I am already looking forward to rhubarb and yogurt, rhubarb flapjacks, maybe rhubarb tart…

  10. I have 2 rhubarb plant in pots one looks like mtp’s the other I thought was dead as no sign of life, but today I can see very tiny little pink buds so looks like it is going to be ok. Maybe yours is a later variety or like mtp says it is colder where you are

  11. Absolutely, very strange looking when getting started.
    Rhubarb IS a little weird with all of it’s little absurdities, but
    it’s pretty good stuff!

  12. Wow Elizabeth, I’m impressed. I’ve never seen a whole website dedicated to Rhubarb before. Have you tried Jamie Oliver’s Rhubarb Bellini recipe?

  13. Thankyou so much!
    There are a number of things I’d like to try
    this summer, especially some other bellini recipes.

  14. wonderful photos. plants often look other worldly… zinnia buds are favored for that reason