The Dead-Easy Guide to Planting Onion Sets

This is the Dead-Easy Guide to Planting Onions Sets – like it says in the title.

Step One:

Apply general fertilizer, rake it, water it, leave it.

Step Two:

Firm it down with a nice little welly shuffle.

Step Three:
How far apart to plant them? – oh about ye far.

Step Four:
Then walk the plank baby.


11 Comments on “The Dead-Easy Guide to Planting Onion Sets

  1. I must get some onions in. Could you do a post or tell me what you plant on the shady side of mtp. I am thinking of planting parsnips on my shady side and when I was pondering I thought of you and other walled veg plots great and small, theres alwasy a shady side but what will grow?

  2. Hi Joanna, Yes of course, I will put together a post on what to plant on the shady side of the plot. I’m sure others are interested in that too.

  3. Hi Woody, It is an old, cast iron one. I bought it on eBay a few years ago. I’ve never photographed it. Perhaps I will tomorrow!

  4. F & F – the variety is Sturon. A good all-rounder in my opinion.

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  6. Just in time for my onion planting session this weekend. When you say in Step One ‘leave it’, how long?

  7. What onion cultivators are you growing? I have grown onions for about 9 years and last year they went horribly wrong. I have no idea why. Maybe its climate change