My Pineberry is Fruiting

And…they are also sending out lots and lots of runners. Usually, my Strawberries get the fruiting over and done with and then concentrate on producing runners. But the Pineberries have decided to get everything over with at once and they’re doing both. I’m busy potting them up so that I can double my crop next year and give some away to gardening friends. Form an orderly queue now.

2 Comments on “My Pineberry is Fruiting

  1. I’ve just removed 5 runners from my strawberry plant, so this is timely. How do you pot them on? It’s hard to tell from your pic. Do you just bury up to the leaves and then let the shoot stick out the other end?

  2. Dont remove from the main plant until roots are established leafy leith.

    When the shots appear make sure they are in contact with earth and they will send down roots then you can remove and pot up.