‘Rainbow Mixed’ Radish

About a month ago I sowed a row of mixed Radish seed, Rainbow Mixed. Radish grow very quickly and they also run to seed quickly too so you have to keep your eye on them and harvest them just at the right time. This is usually easily done when you sow the same variety but because these were mixed seed it was very difficult to get it right.

The yellow ones were invariably too big and a bit woody. Conversely, the red two-tone types tended to be too small. I think next time I’ll skip the mixed packets and go for separate rows of different varieties. They’ll be easier to manage I think.

6 Comments on “‘Rainbow Mixed’ Radish

  1. Sorry to hear they’re so difficult; they sure are beautiful! How did they taste–did you notice a huge difference in each?

  2. They are pretty all in a bunch like that!
    I tried red radishes and white radishes this year. We like the red the best, so that’s probably all I’ll grow next time. Happy Gardening!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  3. Radishes always remind me of my grandmother’s garden – she always seemed to grow everything in huge quantities with no problems, and I wish I’d got more tips from her. I’d love to try radishes in my own garden, so if you pick up any tricks, I’d love to know!

  4. We tried these this year but just got lots of leaf growth and virtually no root. We were looking forward to them too.