Planting a New Fig Tree

I’ve always wanted to grow a Fig tree, I’ve just never had the room. I used to work in an office where there was a beautiful and quite large Fig tree outside the window. It was covered in Figs come late Summer but no-one ever picked them. It was so sad.

So here is my opportunity to put things right and grow my own Fig tree. I planted it on a south facing wall in a protected corner of the garden. As per RHS Fig planting instructions I prepared a pit and put stone slabs on all sides to contain the root system. Then I put rubble and broken bricks on the bottom too. It seems a bit harsh but apparently it helps the tree fruit better.

All I know is that, if and when my Fig tree produces fruit I will definitely be picking the fruit and none will be left on the tree!

3 Comments on “Planting a New Fig Tree

  1. Good luck with it!

    I opened the front door this morning to a hard frost (back here in blighty) and praying my fig (in a half barrel) wasn’t damaged.

    It’s been quite mild recently so i’ve been a bit lazy about checking the weather forecast and covering it up if required.

  2. The figs on the office tree might not have been any good. I got quite excited by a fig tree similarly covered in fruit that grew near me on council property. I hated to see them go to waste and picked a couple on the way past. They were completely empty of flesh and seeds, just pithy. If they’d been any good, I think they would have been picked.