Brand New Soil

The landscapers are virtually finished here in the garden. The last thing they did was to bring in this new, black, crumbly soil and dig it in to all of the beds. They have also hooked up my cute little copper mushroom lights that light the pathways at night.

It’s all coming together nicely. The rose arch is in place. I’m planning to do a pale pink climbing rose with some nice boxwood edging along the pathway a little something like this rose arch. I’m also trying to source some sand-coloured gravel. It seems to be impossible to find here in the northwest. Most gravels are dark grey or reddish. Hmm… I’ll keep looking.

The only problem when it comes to planting anything is that the weather here has taken a dive in terms of temperature. A week of freezing winds has frozen the soil, and my lovely fountain too!

8 Comments on “Brand New Soil

  1. Wow! It’s looking amazing. I love a garden re-design!
    The rose arch you linked to is beautiful. It won’t take long to get this effect. I bet you can’t wait to start planting the garden?
    Happy days to you

  2. I love seeing this come together! May I suggest you try Heirloom Roses in St. Paul Oregon. I’ve gotten all of my roses from them lately. They have great own-root roses and a lovely garden to stroll through.

  3. Your garden is looking beautiful and it’s been so inspiring to see it evolving! It’s a shame you don’t live here in South Africa as the only gravel we can get is sand coloured!!! Good luck with your hunt! x

  4. Its looking great, cant wait to see how it develops once spring arrives. Love the Fountain too :)

  5. It looks like a really lovely sized plot, and you had divided it up really well, once it gets established that will look fantastic.

    Are you going to put in screening plants to hide the fences and neighbours houses?

  6. Hi Claire,

    Yes! the plants arrive on Friday this week so I’m really excited. I will be putting more in in the Spring but once it’s all planted up and the fence is painted it should look more ‘garden’ like.