Redcurrants Are in Full Flower

My Redcurrants are in full flower and dripping with bunches of these gorgeous green and yellow flowers. They’re so tiny and delicate even my mega powerful lens is having trouble capturing them here. I love the fact that they are so small and perfect and each one will make a miniature red, transparent jewel in a month or so.

They don’t last very long. They’ll be gone in a week and in their place will start to develop small green dots that will grow into Redcurrants. But the bees are loving them right now. They buzz from one to the next and it takes them a good five minutes to cover the whole plant before moving on to the next one.

Ah… Spring really is cool isn’t it?

10 Comments on “Redcurrants Are in Full Flower

  1. It is! We only had a handfull of redcurrants last year but this year our little bush is covered in flowers. Not sure what we will do with them yet.. what will you do with yours? Jam maybe?

  2. I’ve got black currants growing after 3 years of non productivity! Not enough for Ribena to get excited though….I’m liking the flowers of both the red and black currants….very pretty!

  3. Its cool alright! Bloomin’ freezing!! When is that Northerly wind going to return to the south and the temperature start to rise again so we can sit outside without being huddled by the bbq?
    Most things here seem to be on hold…er do we, don’t we..?
    AND the ground is still so dry. No real rain since before Easter.
    Oh well, the trials and tribulations of gardening. Thats why we love it so much! Isn’t it?

  4. Wow – beautiful photogarphy.
    We’ve not got redcurrants or blackcurrants, but look forward to “picking our own” later. Mind you we’re looking for something different to do with them this year because we got a bit over excited in the jam making department last year! Any suggestions more than welcome!

  5. Oooh! Must go and have a look at my redcurrant bushes tomorrow to see how they are doing. We had quite a good crop last year so hopefully should have plenty again this year.

  6. My redcurrants bloomes really profusely after transplanting earlier this spring, but I think the birds have eaten most of the tiny specks of fruit already!

  7. This is my 2nd year with a redcurrant bush. So far, I’ve had the grand total of 5 redcurrants… any idea as to why? Lots of green foliage, and LOTS of ants everywhere.